Pulled between multiple worlds

This is a bit of a nothing post because I have been slack and haven’t posted in a while and I haven’t even got my thoughts in order to write something now that I have the time.

But this is a quick post to say that I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who occasionally feels pulled to a multiple different worlds all at once.

Right now I’m feeling the pull between embracing my hippy wanderlust side and my i-want-to-look-pretty-and-have-pretty-things side. And it’s mainly concerning how I spend my money.

Part of me wants to go and buy an epic swag, some fire twirling sticks, finally go and get dreadlocks and save up to buy a off-roading vehicle. I was looking at djembes, piercings, and cheap flights. Embrace my wild side (that hasn’t seen much love lately) and be independent and awesome and adventurous.

At the same time I was looking at this most beautiful lace dress, pretty things from modcloth, thinking about a cute little cottage and decorating and having people over for cups of tea.

Important facts to remember:

  • I really have no money
  • I really shouldn’t spend hours at work looking online and reading things
  • I can be both- wild and pretty, adventurous and settled.
  • I wanna save up for outreaches and missions (hopefully India).

Anyway this is a quick and random post. You are welcome 😛

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