You came, I knew that You would come

So I have listened to this worship set from bethel maybe 100 times over the past week!

Jonathan and Melissa Helser sing a new song called ‘Lazarus’ 36 mins in and it is so powerful!

The chorus:

You came, I knew that You would come

You sang, my heart it woke up!

The next song is also incredibly awesome and the chorus is:

You don’t have to come, but You always do

You show up in splendour

And change the whole room

I’ve had a very full on week…a lot of warfare, hurt over a few relationships and healing.

And I’ve just been reminded so many times this past week of God’s faithfulness. He always comes. He never gives up. He never leaves me. He awakens my heart.

For years I really struggled with intimacy with God…I had this fear that if I tried…what if He didn’t show up? What if there was…nothing? And so I let fear hold me back from love.

This past year that fear has slowly been drowned in perfect love and my intimacy with the Father and my Beloved is growing.

This past week I was aware of that to a new level. That I now trust Him to come and meet me in my pain and tears and heartbreak and oh my heart. He is good.

Check out the video and spend time with won’t regret it πŸ™‚ xx

3 thoughts on “You came, I knew that You would come

  1. video isn’t working anymore, so I’m wondering.. is this song anywhere else on the net? I know that Melissa said she’s debating whether to release this song or not, so I”m not sure if it’s possible to find online. It’d be awesome if it is.


    1. Hey Dan!
      No I’m not sure of where to find this song anywhere else and I have tried googling everything!! I do hope she decides to release it…such a great song!!
      Thanks for letting me know the link isnt working anymore πŸ™‚


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