For new readers and potential friends out there…my name is Rebekah! I have recently moved from my freezing island state where I lived for 18years to the mainland of Australia. I live in the beautiful Northern Rivers where I spend my days frolicking in the sun…well not quite…but you get the idea. I work as a nurse in a Doctor’s surgery and I am a full-time student studying a Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology. I am learning how to do community well, what love looks like, how to be powerful and vulnerable, and how to live in intimate connection with the Father and the people around me. I’m re-learning who I am, what I am passionate about, what I’m interested in and what I enjoy doing. I can do anything and be anyone….so who I am? Things I know for certain are that I love dancing, I love folk music, I love adventures, I love to laugh and I love people. So there you go…

Join me as I  share my stories, my thoughts, my adventures and my dreams…my ponderings and my wanderings…


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