This song has been on repeat all year, and even more over these past few weeks. I am learning the joy, pain, scariness, pleasure and freedom of being vulnerable, taking risks, leaping in trust and putting my heart on the line. I know He is faithful. [I also know I haven’t written in over a … More Vulnerability

Come Away With Me

I’ve done a few ‘pondering’ posts and so it’s time for a ‘wanderings’ one! I love adventures and exploring…it is my love language. Last Thursday I went adventuring to find some waterfalls…after a long and winding drive down tiny roads deep in the bush I came to a flooded over road. Now I’m pretty sure … More Come Away With Me

Beautiful Wild Chaos

Hey Guys. It’s been another crazy old week/s. Being drawn closer to my Father’s heart and being stretched and encouraged to go deeper and deeper. People ask me how I am, and generally all I can muster up is a “ahh I’m good”. Life has been painful, beautiful and wonderful, intense and joyful and weird. … More Beautiful Wild Chaos


Last night I had a conversation with one of my small group leaders about life and how I was going. I was telling her how I felt that I was going through a difficult time…that something wasn’t quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it because in actual fact things have been really … More Lonely